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Another great year of student successes in 2022

December 27th, 2022 Posted by Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club

As another year draws to a close we look back on another successful year of student successes, after totalling the numbers up we have proudly celebrated:

  • 5 first solos,
  • 5 qualifying cross country flights,
  • 5 successful skills test passes of PPL or LAPL
  • many PPL ground school exams

Congratulations once again to; Ollie Routh, Luca Caleca, Ben Collins, Chris Garrett, Aurel Hudec, Wayne Maguire, James Fossdyke, Cristobal Fernandez, Michael Weir, Stephen Lynas and all our ground school students for their successes this year.

We look forward to 2023 and the many successes that it will bring, continuing to train current and new students and welcoming customers who may have had trial lessons bought for them for Christmas.

If you would like to learn to fly why not get in contact with us to find out more and turn that dream into a reality.

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