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Self Fly Hire

Self Fly Hire

The Bristol & Wessex boasts a fleet of aircraft that are maintained to the CAA’s highest standards. They range from our high-winged Cessnas, C172 G-LLCH and C150 G-BPWN to our four, low-winged, Piper PA28s, G-BIZO, G-LFSC, and G-AXTL. All aircraft handle slightly differently not only between type but two of the same aircraft may be slightly different, so using our fleet will broaden your experience greatly.

Hiring the aircraft as a member can be done, wet and including landing fees. Our fleet can take you to Cherbourg in an hour and to London in 45 minutes, flying really does make the world feel small.

Simply telephone our operations manager on 01275 475 429 and have us arrange a tour of the fleet should you wish to become a member and take our aircraft out. Again, if you have any special requirements or requests we can do our best to see that we manage an aircraft around your required use.

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Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club
Bristol Airport, BS48 3DP

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