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Flight Lounge

Flight Lounge

Whether the weather is lovely and warm and you’re in the mood to eat outside, or if it’s cold and rainy and you’re looking for a warm hot chocolate while checking out the aeroplanes or stopping off on a private flight, the Flight Lounge has you covered. The Flight Lounge is the most popular restaurant/café for any flying school based at Bristol Airport. Catering for pilots, trainee pilots, plane spotters, families, couples, groups…anyone really.

The Team at the Flight Lounge cater exceptional meals and frequently put on special days like Burger Thursdays. So if you have or are a family member coming to support a budding pilot, you have a lesson coming up and are a little early, or if you’re just looking for a bite to eat, the Flight Lounge is located inside of the Bristol and Wessex Flying Club building.

If you’re a trainee pilot or looking to take your qualification to the next level, the Flight Lounge is a great place to get a little revision for an exam or to work through your next module with your instructor.

As most members will tell you, there are regular events like a pub-quiz as well as special day events, e.g. Valentines Day Meals, etc. The Flight Lounge is the ideal place for a snack, a meal, a lesson, meeting friends, time between lessons, revision, and so much more.

Visit our dedicated website at www.theflightlounge.co.uk

Please Note: You will need to obtain a free parking pass from a member of the Flight Lounge team or from the main Operations Desk to be able to use our free car park.

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To find out more about the types of food and drink we serve please view our menu’s using the link below.

The Flight Lounge Menu

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