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Instrument Rating Restricted

Instrument Rating Restricted

With an instrument rating (IRR) students can learn to fly an ILS down to 500 ft QFE safely as well as learning unusual attitude recoveries on full and limited panel. The flight training is backed up with theoretical knowledge instruction.

The UK IMC rating is designed as a ‘get you out of trouble’ qualification and not as a replacement for the IR. The UK IMC rating may not be placed onto an EASA licence, however, the UK IMC rating is equivalent to the IR (Restricted) which can be put onto an EASA licence. Once you have obtained the UK IMC rating you may apply to the UK CAA to have an IR (Restricted) endorsed on your EASA licence

Providing the rating is issued before April 2019 you can complete the UK IMC Rating training and after a successful ground examination, flight test and application, have it added to an EASA licence as an IR(R) – an IR(Restricted). This will have all the privileges and restrictions of a UK IMC rating, but will be valid in suitable UK registered aircraft whether EASA or non-EASA

The use of the UK IMC rating / IR (Restricted) is confined to UK airspace only

The UK IMC Rating / IR (Restricted) can not be put on a LAPL. Holders of a UK IMC Rating / IR (Restricted) who elect to regrade to a LAPL will have the IMC Rating / IR (Restricted) removed as the LAPL is a VFR only EASA licence

Experience Requirements

An applicant for an UK IMC rating must have:

  • 25 hours total experience as pilot of aeroplanes following PPL(A) issue and which may include the training for the UK IMC rating
  • 10 hours as PIC of aeroplanes to include 5 hours as PIC of aeroplanes on cross country flights
  • A UK issued Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL)


If you would like to find out more about IMC please feel free get in contact with us and we will do our best to help.

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