Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club, Silver Zone, Bristol Airport, BS48 3DP
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Why trial flights?

The ideal gift for anyone who looks up to the sky and wishes to give it a go! The half hour lesson will be conducted under the supervision of a fully trained and experienced instructor. You will take control of the aircraft from the blocks, taxying, going through the checks with the instructor and taking it to the skies. Then when airborne you can be in control of the aeroplane enjoying the sights of the beautiful South West. Throughout the entire experience the opportunity will be there to fly the aircraft under the instructors guidance, airspace permitting, you can also fly over any local landmarks of specific interest or even your house should you wish. What’s important is that the flight is tailored to you – being able to fly as much or as little as you like means it will be taken at a pace matching your experience and interest. Whatever you decide it’s guaranteed to be an experience above all else. All vouchers are 'loggable' in your Pilot's Logbook should you wish to take this further and maybe on to a licence! You can always phone us for more information on 01275 475 429

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Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club
Bristol Airport, BS48 3DP

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Whether it's the thrill of a lifetime or the first step to living the dream, what better way to see Bristol.

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