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Trial VFR Procedures within Bristol Controlled Airspace

May 2nd, 2019 Posted by Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club

A three month trial is to be conducted to assess revised procedures for the control of VFR flights within Bristol CAS. The trial will establish a one-way flow system for VFR arrivals and departures.   The trial will commence on Monday 13th May.

Entry and exit points for the trial will be as detailed below:

Entry/Exit Points:

A one-way flow system shall apply to VFR arrivals and departures (including those to/from sites located within the Bristol ATZ) entering or leaving the Bristol CTR/CTA as follows:

Runway 27:

  • Departures via Clevedon or M5 Avon Bridge and Cheddar VRPs
  • Arrivals via Clifton Suspension Bridge and Chew Valley VRPs

Runway 09:

  • Departures via Clifton Suspension Bridge and Chew Valley Lake VRPs
  • Arrivals via Clevedon or M5 Avon Bridge and Cheddar VRPs

All such clearances are to include an appropriate level restriction. Entry / exit by all other VRPs requires coordination between ADC and Radar. 

Departing aircraft routinely be allocated the SSR code 5070 with inbound aircraft routinely being allocated SSR code 5071.

Photo courtesy of NATS.aero

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