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CAA offers clearer guidance to student pilots during Covid-19

May 5th, 2020 Posted by Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club

Theoretical Examinations

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has released new guidance for student pilots who have already taken some or all theoretical examinations for a PPL or LAPL.

The guidance in CAP1913 states that the CAA have added a 6 month extension to the 18 month TK examination validity period, this means that if your examinations expire before 18th September 2020 your results will remain valid for a further 6 months.

If your 18 month validity period expires after 18th September 2020 the exemption does not apply at this time and this is being reviewed by the CAA.

For student pilots this applies to you are requested to email the CAA and request an extension to the validity period. More details can be found by reading the CAP1913 in full.

Download CAA CAP1913

Medicals and Ratings

The CAA has issued advice that the current exemption that allows pilots holding EASA PPLs and LAPLs to self-declare their medical fitness, that was due to expire on Wednesday 8 April 2020, has now been extended to the 8th November 2020.

To enable flying without the exemption many pilots would have needed to gain a Class 2 medical. With the COVID-19 outbreak placing a significant and enduring burden on all healthcare professionals, pilots will not have the necessary access to AMEs for a considerable time and so the CAA has worked with the Department for Transport (DfT) to put the extension in place.

However it should be noted that while the extended exemption allows those holding an exemption before 8th April to continue to operate under their existing medical self-declaration, no new or renewed medical self-declarations will be possible after that date for EASA licence holders. We strongly advise that any pilots not already self-declaring and who have a medical due between now and November, apply for a Pilot Medical Declaration today!

The process is simple and is carried out online at:


If you have not made your Declaration by Wednesday 8th April, you will be grounded from the expiry of your medical until you can get it renewed.

The PMD does not impact on the validity of any current medicals you may have, nor on your ability to obtain medicals in the future. So long as you can satisfy the terms of the declaration, which is effectively a DVLA car driving licence fitness level, it will be valid in the UK for flying aircraft with a maximum of 4 seats (pilot + 3 pax) and weighing under 2,000kg. Further requirements apply for aircraft over 2,000kg.

Any pilot already holding a PMD, and UK PPL and NPPL national licence holders flying non-EASA certificated (permit) aircraft with a medical self-declaration are not affected. New PMDs are still available for these licence holders

However, due to the expiry of a further EASA exemption, it should be noted that UK PPL and NPPL holders will not be able to fly EASA-certificated aircraft, whatever their medical status after 8th April 2020.

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