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Additional Cessna light aircraft joins our self fly hire fleet

January 23rd, 2018 Posted by Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club

We are pleased to announce that an additional light aircraft has joined our varied fleet, the Cessna 182T complete with a Garmin G1000 instrument panel is now available for self fly hire.

The Cessna 182T is certainly a stunning aircraft, complete with a 3 blade propeller the Lycoming engine delivers 230 horsepower making this one of the powerful single engine aircraft in our fleet.

Built from an all-metal aluminium alloy the aircraft also has parts manufactured from fibreglass and thermoplastic materials making the aircraft light and powerful. The wing has the same platform as the smaller Cessna 172 but some of the main wing details, for example flaps and ailerons are the same design as found on the Cessna 172.

The aircraft can be hired for £150.00 per hour plus the landing fees and fuel, if you would like to book this aircraft please contact us or call our operations desk on 01275 475429.

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